Search / Replace Box Highlight on Tab Focus

Dan Rogers 10 year бұрын updated by Brad Robinson 9 year бұрын 4

Just a quick suggestion, when I hit command+F to open the find panel, and I tab down to the replace box, it should select+all in that field so I don't have to :)

Agreed. Not only is this more useful, but it's more consistent. The find input is selected when focused.
Looks like this is now fixed in build 2139. Would close this if I could.
Does not seem to work in the 2181 build on Mac OSX
Not fixed in 2217 on Windows.  

This is a tiny quirk, but catches me out every time: Ctrl+F ... type what I want to replace ... tab ... type what I want to replace with ... hit Ctrl+Alt+Enter only to find its prefixed the replacement with what I used last time.  Ugh, undo try again...