Keep Afloat / SIMBL support

Adam Breen 9 year бұрын updated by Matt Groth 4 year бұрын 4

It would be great if you supported SIMBL accessibility hooks - particularly so that Keep Afloat (http://infinite-labs.net/afloat/) can work with Sublime Text 2.

This would mean that I can have two ST2 windows open, with one floating above, while I type in the one beneath.  This avoids having to change whatever layout I have in the subordinate window, but lets me see code from the other while I type.

For some reasons, I was able to get Afloat working with sublime "suddenly" yesterday. 

Today however it doesn't work again.

It was really awesome when it worked. Anyone knows how to make it work please advise!


It worked today again.

How to make it ALWAYS work?

Its beautiful when it works.

I would like the same feature. 

+1 its important for me to hide my menu bar without fullscreening