MQL4 and MQL5

Dori Claudino 8 ár síðan í Plugin announcements updated by jan otte 8 ár síðan 3

Support to Mql4 and Mql5 language.

What do you mean by support?

Syntax highlighting?

Build systems?

Something else?

And I am getting 404s on your links so all in all your post needs some work if anyone is going to help you with whatever it is you are asking for

Yes, Syntax highlighting.

I have not seen the two languages on the ​​menu.

The current editors of these languages ​​are very poor :(

Okay putting together a language syntax definition to allow syntax highlighting is something that is within the capacity of the community.

In fact if you have even basic programming skills (and you clearly have more than that) you could do it yourself.

But it would be impossible without a definition of the language syntax.

What is a keyword?

What are the operators?

etc. etc. etc.

So your next step is to track down some language documentation that defines the syntax elements of the language you are interested in.

Then I would suggest that since you are clearly motivated to have this done more than those of us who don't use those languages you would probably be the best person to have a go at implementing the syntax definition yourself.

Have a look at the documentation for the AAAPackageDev package for a short tutorial on how to do this. It is simple in concept, just painstakingly building correct regular expressions for each language element.

If you give it a try and need help with specific issues you will probably find more help than asking people who don't really care about the issue to do it from scratch.