Confirm dialog for Delete

Rudi Verago 9 ár síðan updated by Stefano Lampis 9 ár síðan 4
Confirm dialog for Delete Folder/File action (e.g. right click menu in Folder sidebar)
Absolutely need this. I just deleted my whole repo (moved into Trash) because I was trying to right click->FIND IN FOLDER and delete is just above it
Yes, for the love of god, plz.

Also, once you delete a directory from a project, I couldn't find an easy way to get it back (after you restore from version control, say.)
Extremly Important! Since the "Delete Folder"-Button is right next to the "New-Folder"-Button. 

Just deleted some bunch of Files and Folders i've been working on.. Thx to Microcommits i did not lose much work but still it's something to be fixed.

A Restore-Function would be awesome too :D