Standard Script for Running a Java File

Liam Cain 10 ár síðan updated by Alec Bernardi 8 ár síðan 2
I have spent hours looking for some way to run a java program within ST2.  There have been many posts on the subject; however, none of them have worked for me (some of the worked for windows users).  I want standard way not RUN my java files after they are compiled.  The javaC build script that comes with ST2 works great; therefore, I assume a run script should be included.  I hope that this can be included in ST2 or someone can make a plugin with this functionality.

Yes this would be welcome for Apple OS-X. Of the "solutions" I have seen posted on the web none have worked for me.

I felt the same way, too. Coming from Eclipse left a sort of void in the Java department, but I took it upon myself to try to get at least some functionality. Check out my forum post, only for windows atm, I only know batch scripting and java ATM. http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=11548