standard file browser in sidebar

Shawn McElroy 9 ár síðan updated by Marion Go 4 ár síðan 3
I suppose the closest to this is like a standard file explorer in the left sidebar. to have it open the main drive or some directory, where you can navigate the file system. This is the normal activity in coda, and would be like the sidebar in windows explorer file manager. 

It would be cool to have this as a togglable option in the View menu. So the current ability to show the projects would still be there. When using the file manager you could possibly right click a directory and select "Add as Project" which would then bookmark the directory into the projects area.

Go to menu View > Side Bar > Show Side Bar.

Then, open windows explorer and drag the root folder into the Side Bar,

The folders should now be available on the Side Bar.

These instructions no longer work as of Sublime Text 3. They fail at the following step: "View > Side Bar > Show Side Bar". There is no "Show Side Bar" command in the "View > Side Bar" submenu.

For Sublime Text 3, you'll need to install "SideBarEnhancements" plugin to be able to do what Rui Santos mentioned.