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I am a Mac user with OS X

Recommended by users, I recently bought and use Sublime Text 2. Before I was a fully satisfied user of UltraEdit.

UltraEdit has a nice and quick backup mode. I expected to find such a feature in Sublime Text 2 as well, but nope.

I downloaded the 'Automatic Backup' package, but now I get messages something like: If you use backup, Sublime Text will slow down tremendously, so switch it off.

With Automatic Backup I end up with a several chains of numberous consequent folders and in the end there is a file.

Those few files already take up several MB's of diskspace.

With UltraEdit I have just ONE folder where al backups go. I have 22,200 files in that folder and they use 212 MB of diskspace.

What I want is a Automatic Backup just as UltraEdit offers.

I want to use Sublime Text 2 to code programs, but it seems that I have to know Sublime Code to use the program instead of using it program my own stuff.

Compared with UltraEdit, I don't have to delve into the UltraEdit code to use that program, but with Sublime Text I have to.

Am I wrong?

Did I miss some information?

Is there a user friendly GUI?

Please tell me!

Thanks in advance.


The Netherlands

I very much like the ability to set up my tools using JSON and XML rather than using GUIs which is one of the long list of reasons I prefer ST to UltraEdit (which I own and use). But if we were all the same what a horribly dull world it would be.

From the content and tone of your post it seems that you are happy with  UltraEdit and are getting good value for money for your UltraEdit licence so perhaps the best thing to do is to be happy that you gave ST a try and go back to UltraEdit where you are happier.

There are no prizes in life for making yourself unhappy by making yourself use a tool you don't like.

Hello Jan, 

Thanks for your answer.

I found this website: https://tutsplus.com/course/improve-workflow-in-sublime-text-2/

With help of that video course I discovered the power of Sublime, and I understand why there is no GUI, so I will stick with Sublime and forget UE. I will conquer Sublime and submit it to my wishes.

If we all were the same, then there would be only one person in the world, and that would be me. (Or you.)

All the best,