From Westward plastics group to Brissco: Delivering More than Materials

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Westward Group to Brissco Plastics

Plastic has been around for many decades now. It would hard to imagine life today without plastic and all its various practical uses and applications. It is almost as ubiquitous as the water we drink and the air we breathe. We wear it, sit on it, play with it, sing with it, ride with it, fly with it, work with it and live with it every minute of our lives. Thanks to plastic manufacturers, we have a material that is cheap to manufacture and easy to mould into whatever shape and use we can come up with.

One manufacturer of plastics that has been around for quite a while is Brissco Plastics. Since it was established in 1948, Brissco has remained a family-owned business and has been fortunate to having a very dependable workforce. Many of Brissco’s production staff have been with the company for more than 25 years and possess a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. As an independent company, it has the flexibility (just like plastic!) to cater to the needs of its customers and appreciate that the 'extra attention to detail' is where it can make a big difference.

Brissco Plastics is a division of Brissco (Equipment) Ltd, formed in 2011 by the acquisition of Westward Plastics, which had been in business since 1984 and specialising in the supply and fabrication of industrial, display and engineering plastic materials throughout the United Kingdom.

Brissco has developed strong partnerships with many suppliers, enabling it to offer a range of quality brand leading products such as Perspex, Plexiglas and Altuglas Acrylics, Makrolon and Marlon Polycarbonates, Vivak and Apet Polyester, Foamalux and Westfoam Foam PVC's, Alliance Aluminium Composite, Swish, Floplast, Exitex and Living Space Upvc Building Materials.

To augment its range of branded leading materials, it offers offer its customers customized plastic fabrication service, using the latest CNC processing equipment, together with traditional fabrication skills which allow it to provide repeatable accuracy and quality in the manufacture of fabricated products for industrial and commercial use, fully supported by its team of technically-experienced staff.

With in-house facilities which include screen-printing, print-finishing, plastic fabrication as well as the distribution of, both, building plastics and semi-finished plastic (in sheet, rod and tube form), Brissco continues to provide its customers more than just materials.

Indeed, we seem to take it for granted; but plastics mean a modern, comfortable and convenient life for us all.