Remove incremental search

Martin Aspeli 9 ár síðan updated by Hugo Schmitt 8 ár síðan 3
As far as I can tell, incremental search (Cmd+I on OS X) doesn't offer anything over the default find (Cmd+F). The behaviour is subtly different, which is confusing. Better to remove incremental search and use Cmd+I for something else.

It's true that the default find (ctrl+f) functions as an incremental search.  But as a user of Visual Studio and many other programming tools which use Ctrl+I for incremental search, I appreciate that the key mapping is consistent.

FWIW, coming from gedit, I remapped ctrl-i to the same thing as ctrl-g (jump to line number). Too bad the mappings beyond ctrl+zxcvftans are rarely consistent.

Another option would be to make it a little more different...