Distraction free: fade code by distance from cursor code level

Morten Henriksen il y a 8 ans mis à jour par Pjarr W. Chokladtomte il y a 7 ans 1

Could be nice if code inside "active" brackets/tags are more visible than "parent" code - since coding is fokused at cursor level and since we typically code deeper the further we code - the "parent" level code gets distracting. Maybe fade more the bigger distance upwards?

Dont know if it makes sens, bit hard to explain, kind of code level fade.

Reg. RaiX

I think something similar to this would be awesome!
Another way to do it would be to select / highlight some rows, press like ctrl+alt+H or some shortkey, and that stay's syntax colored but the rest, outside, is faded / grayed out.

Multi-highlight would be great, if you're working in two different sections / methods or so, so if you start typing at another line that segment should also get highlighted.

Hope some hacky figure would see this as an interesting feature to develop! :D

Regards, Pierre