Open file by clicking link

Luís Marques il y a 9 ans mis à jour par Michał Jendrzejewski il y a 7 ans 5
In netbeans you have the function: 
Press Ctrl and click a link a file, like this "include_once "function/global.php";".
When "function/global.php" is clicked, the file opens in a new tab.

That would be a great feature. :)
That's what I was going to suggest.
Also in this case, for instance: 
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/contactform.css"/>
<a href="source/file.php">file</a>
<form action="submit.php"> </form> 
Yeah I agree I work with a lot of shared files and its a pain to have o go through a ton of directories to get to them. Right click open would be perfect.

yes it is very handy feature


few clicks more, but works like a charm: can copy the path and paste it into 'Goto Anything' field (cmd+p on mac) and if the file is stored in a folder indexed by ST, it will be opened immediately.