line_padding_left & gutter border

Chris Gaunt il y a 10 ans mis à jour par Jarrett Billingsley il y a 9 ans 2
I was wondering if it's possible to implement left padding for lines?
The reason for this is because if the gutter has a different background color from the editable area the code touches the left edge of the gutter, making it not so great to look at.
A little padding on the left of each line would push the text away from the edge of the gutter and make it look better. I don't think this would cause any confusion with indentation, since the padding will affect all lines. 

A border on the right side of the gutter would also be nice to have.

You can see the kind of padding I'm talking about in the image below.
The code does not touch the left border line.

+1. This becomes completely obvious when you disable the Gutter for good - ST2 won't leave any padding between the text and the editing area's border.
Well the margin between the gutter and the text can now be changed with the "margin" setting in your preferences file.

I've found that you can simulate a gutter border by setting the "rulers" setting in your preferences to include column 0, e.g. { "rulers": [0] }. It's a little close to the text, but not bad.