tag navigator (like Espresso or Coda)

Ian Russell il y a 9 ans mis à jour par Huw Thomas il y a 7 ans 3
The code navigator on right so far is not very useful to me, but I REALLY miss the tag 'tree' quick navigator that Espresso has. It's an excellent feature, and enables me to navigate complex HTML files very easily. Coda has one as well, although it's less useful.

I've only been using Sublime Text for a few hours, so I may have missed this essential feature somehow!

I really love the idea of code navigator in espresso. If we can build this feature in sublime text, it would be nice!

Another vote for Espresso-like Navigator in Sublime Text.


Another vote for the tag navigator.  I have always been an espresso user and am trying to move over to sublime.  The only thing I REALLY miss is the tag navigator and I can't seem to find anything similar, the image of the text on the right is pretty useless in comparison.  Hopefully somebody will come up with an espresso navigator type clone soon :)