I want a preference to prevent me from editing read-only files

Steven Johnson il y a 10 ans mis à jour par Anvar Sosnitski il y a 9 ans 2
I use an SCM (Perforce) that keeps most of the source tree read-only; sometimes I forget if a file is checked out for editing or not, and start editing a non-checked-out file, only to realize it when I try to save. I'd like to instead be able to have ST2 just yell at me if I attempt to change a read-only file. Lots of other editors have this setting, please let me have it in ST2 as well. (If there is such a setting, well, nevermind, but I haven't been able to find it so far...)
Just so you know, I recently released a plugin for Perforce :)
You can either grab it here https://github.com/ericmartel/Sublime-Text-2-Perforce-Plugin or through the Package Control plugin by searching Perforce.
It will auto checkout files that you edit (and does a lot of other things :))
If I have modified a read-only file, I would like to have a possibility to save the file anyway. The editor would just inform me that this file is read-only and if I really want to make it readable/writable and save it.