Tab Completion Idea

Miro Zoricak 7 aastat tagasi 0
The tab completion has problems in these areas:
  • When I had used Enter to select a completion, I'd get stupid suggestions like '...' at the end of a line, that was mighty annoying so I switched to tab to trigger the completions
  • Now the problem is that if I want to use Enter I no longer can, it will insert an actual Enter
The doc of course warns about this, but I don't see why it has to be this way.

Proposed Solution:
Use tab to trigger completions and to insert them as well, but when I use arrows to pick a selection, allow me to use Enter to confirm it. Also autocomplete should not activate at the beginning of the line. It should only offer completions when I start typing.

  • In case when I don't want the autocomplete and press enter, I get a new line.
  • In case I want the 1st autocompletion I confirm with Tab
  • In case I want some other autocompletion I navigate to it using arrows and press Enter to confirm it