Tab behavior like Firefox

Matthijs Steen 8 aastat tagasi 0

When I am working on a project and have a lot of files open, tabs are starting to disappear from the screen, which then become unreachable, but even before that, they become so small, that they become useless as a means to navigate anyway. I really prefer the way Firefox handles tabs rather than the way Chrome handles its tabs, after which Sublime Text seems to be modelled. It would be great if there was an option to have change this behavior to a be more like Firefox, which means a larger minimum tab width (so they remain useful) and being able to reach the tabs that are outside the view by scrolling over the scrollpane, which triggers a horizontal scrolling of the tabs, so you can access the tabs that are out of view.

The scrolling behavior would be the most important aspect, because tabs becoming unreachable means that you are forced to rely on keyboard shortcuts.