8 spaces per tab instead of 4

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When i use tab in sublime it gives me a tab equal to 4 spaces which is what i want. But when i open a file that i made in sublime in another editor like emacs, my tabs are suddenly 8 spaces. The weird thing is that 1 space in sublime is also 1 space in other editors. Also one tab in emacs gives me two spaces in sublime.

So to sum it up:

In Sublime

1 Sublime tab = 4 spaces

1 Text tab = 2 spaces

Pure text:

1 Sublime tab = 8 spaces

1 Text tab = 4 spaces

Also if i code in a regular notepad and then copy paste the code into sublime, it will still be normal where 1 tab = 4 spaces, so the problem only occurs when its from sublime to pure text

All editors have settings where you can decide yourself how many spaces a tab should expand to.

Yes, I have tried to change the tab_size in the preferences but it seems like sublime doesn't even use that setting since it doesnt' change anything for me...

If you are inserting tab characters (not using Indent Using Spaces), then other editors will of course use their own settings.