Westhill Consulting - Mannento Mori

Jhennifer Fink hace 8 años 0
I do not know about you, but I love the humor Wojciech Mann.One of the nicest moments of the week this morning "snippets of Activities" in the Trinity before 9TA morning when driving to work listening to Mr. Wojciech przekomarzajacego of Bukartykiem.Yes, it is there established hit "Women like flowers" ... What's interesting every morning, full of smart giggle broadcast editor Mann ends with the words: "Thank you for today, and if all goes well, we will hear on Sunday."

But what does it mean "How everything goes well ..."?Mr. Editor, is less than two days, what's going to happen?After the first moment of surprise, comes reflection: Well, a lot can happen ...

This kind of Memento Mori, you can (and should) be taken literally, but it has a dimension of trade.Are you ready for change?And what if on Monday will no longer be your position?In what state is your resume?Is the date zbierałeś testimonials from clients written on LinkedIn or Goldenline, or only now desperately begin to accumulate contacts?

Or not to be gloomy, what if tomorrow you get to realize a new, very interesting project?What about those things that realizowałeś so far?Is it them who take over?I had a few situations in life when working for many months managed to create something cool, but took care of succession.Sorry had to look that no successor projects are prepared natural erosion and processes without fixed guards become outdated ...

This is actually not such a rare situations.Editor Mann has survived many such stories.Despite the years, is not subjected to the routine, but it is always ready for a change.How to tell Spencer Johnson, author of "Who Moved My Cheese", Editor's always in sweats and sneakers.And you?Are you ready for change?It should be: Memento Mori!