Embedded webkit for live preview and enhanced widgets

n00ge hace 10 años actualizado por Diogo Resende hace 9 años 5
It would be cool to get an embedded version of Webkit in Sublime for a few reasons.

1, A live preview would be nice. I know a lot of people are very tied to it. I don't need this all the time, but sometimes it is handy.

2, Enhanced, form based tools. Here's where I think getting an embedded version of Webkit would really make Sublime shine. Building out a form based plugin which could have validation, if/then logic, etc. For example, some CSS3 gradient tools would be great and have it paste the code directly in the editor when you're done. Having the option to run the files local or online would be good too. We could build out a "sublimeaddons.com" which hosted multiple "tools" which users could build on and quickly get within sublime.

Also posted here: http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1573
Not sure if the down-votes are for the extra weight. Please leave comments if otherwise, but if that is a concern, would it be possible to add this in via a package?
As a front end designer / developer, it's very tedious to code CSS changes, upload the CSS file and reload the page just to see the progress of my work. On the Mac there are several tools which automate this workflow by giving you a live preview of your edits, CSSEdit being the most popular, but on Windows there's really no tools at all for front end designers.

I'm not sure how much "bloat" a simple webkit window with live refresh and ovverides would add to the app, but I know that it would be essential to my workflow. Sadly, I realize front end designer/developers aren't considered "real" developers so I realize this feature would certainly be very low on the list of priorities. But one can dream, right?
but that would make it more like an IDE, not a text editor?
I think Micah hit it on the head, there is too much potential bloat/slowness with such a feature. I can see someone making a plugin for this if the api allows it, but definitely not in the core.
This is very nice but definitely should be done using a plugin. Perhaps an API to get the handle of a side panel and then a python plugin could do anything with it. This way there wouldn't be any webkit dependencies and people could embed anything (webkit, mozilla, ie, video, 3d activex, ..). People not interested on this would not have any performance penalty.