Project folders only go as deep as level 6

Matthew Lloyd hace 10 años actualizado por Rob Gietema hace 9 años 3
The folders in my project only expand up to level 6, even after multiple clicks on Project->Refresh Folders. Any files or folders deeper than that in the tree just don't show up.

Win 7 x64, build 2181.
On closer analysis, it looks like the depth limitation is not 6 across my entire tree - some folders go deeper than others. It's as if the folder view does a traversal of the tree asynchronously in the background, but gives up or times out after some period of time (maybe a few minutes?), leaving the unexplored parts of the tree invisible.
Some more observations:

* On Windows, I've reproduced this issue with x32 and x64 builds, with folder hierarchies on both NFS and local disk.
* On Linux, I can get folder contents to show up by expanding the folder, then hitting "Project->Refresh Folders", one level at a time. This doesn't seem to work on Windows.

It seems to be a limit to the allowed open files at the same time in the project tree. Since I usually have a big project tree this is really a showstopper for me. Any option to increase this size somewhere maybe?