Westhill Consulting Travel & Tours Based In Singapore Offers New Family Friendly Trips

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The active travel consultant company Westhill Consulting Travel & Tours based in Singapore sets international adventure vacation standards. The company announces 10 new-for-2014 adventure destinations that are all value-driven family.

The company’s founder and CEO says, “I know how important family is and I value keeping the family tradition going. It has been my personal mission in life. This year we took a closer look at our itineraries and prices and offer as much value and relief as we can. We offer kid-friendly lodgings with exemplary service and cuisine, all at a very competitive price. We assure you won't be having any complaints.”

Westhill Consulting Travel & Tours Singapore accept children of all ages. And since there are no age restrictions on custom and private trips, family trips are becoming increasingly popular. Grandparents can also come with travel plans, including extended family members.

The company has carefully designed itineraries to include supervised activities for kids while adults enjoy a candlelit meal or some private downtime. A special child pricing for the child or children with parents or grandparents is offered. There are also some other special offers for families such as an extra guide and van and such-kid friendly equipment as tag-along bikes, squirt guns and games.

“We've created the perfect blend of cross-generational activity, comfort and adventure to satisfy adventurers of all ages with many choices and flexibility on our family vacation trips,” Westhill says.

Accommodations are carefully designed to combine child-friendly elements.
Laser Game
Technology has improved on paintball and now you can enjoy the same fun as paintball without the pain of getting hit or the mess of the paint. Laser Game uses infrared technology to record hits on an individual or a team. At the end of the session a printout is generated with the record of all the action during the 15-minute session. Played in a maze with black light, this is a great activity for children 8 years and older - all the way to adults. Corporations are a using a lot laser games as a way to encourage team building or outings for their young executives. The company offers a free training session which includes safety advice and warnings.

Kidzania is a role playing indoor theme park. Children are given the opportunity to work at over 70 professions with opportunities to become a doctor or a pilot or baker for the day. They are paid with Kidzos, the official currency of the park. There are two sessions during the day, 9:00– 2:00 and 3:00 – 8:00. Because of its popularity, it is best to make reservations for your child. Kidzania is located in Pacific Place Mall in Jakarta.

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