Save All stops when it can't save one of the open files.

Tim Robinson 9 years ago 0

I'm running on Ubuntu 12.04, Sublime Text 2.0.1 Build 2217. 

When I have a bunch of files open some of which are read only and there are changes made to each and I click Save All sublime text will save each file from left to right but only up to the read only file, then it will give an error that that file could not be saved and stops saving the rest. 

This is mainly an issue when finding and replacing across many files as I can make a change in say 200 files and if just one is read only I cannot save all and close them all. I have to close them one by one from the left until I find the read only file, or I have to click close all and click 'save before closing' hundreds of times (once for every file).