select across underscore or dash or special characters

Ryan Moore 8 years ago updated by Joel Thornton 8 years ago 1
I love being able to highlight a CSS Class name or piece of code and see it highlighted through the file to show / highlight every instance of that name / value. I'm new to sublime but used to Programmers Notepad where this is default.

trouble is in sublime if I select a value that has dashes or underscores it doesn't recognize it as one unit and then highlight the same values everywhere through the file.

for instance

if i select just "sm" then that is highlighted through the document
if i select "sm-font" it does not

same with 

I figure (and am used to in other apps) that as long as there are no spaces, it highlights the full chunk of code/name/value
This makes me wonder whether it should do document-wide highlighting even if the selection contains spaces or other characters. I could see it being useful to highlight something like "foo == bar" and see all instances of this highlighted, e.g. as a help in refactoring.