Westhill Consulting Business Consultant and Trainors

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Krzysztof Filarski
Professionally for 11 years dealing with business psychology. As a social psychologist (KUL), also have a degree in management and marketing. For 3 years I worked as a consultant for the prevention of psychological manipulation. Then - specializing in business - I worked as a specialist for sales support and IT. I dealt with the marketing in the School of Management Personnel, where he was also a lecturer HR specialist subjects. For 2 years I was a manager for the development consulting firm. Experience in customer service I gained as a consultant to companies in the aviation industry, banking and pharmaceutical industries. I run a consultancy projects (implementation of SOK, coaching and DC, projects implementation and evaluation of the effectiveness of staff development projects) and training for employees and managers mainly customer service departments. Realized a total of more than half a thousand days of training and advisory services. I am also a lecturer at the School of Banking in Poznan. I have a certified coach INTRA BUSINESS. I specialize in project management in the field of coaching and organizational change management. I am a member of the Polish Human Resources Management Association. In the years 2010 - 2012 as an interim manager at DB SCHENKER, I carried a fragment of activities outsourced company Westhill.
run extremely healthy lifestyle, I exercise several times a week. I read fantasy books - my goal is in life to read all those that are available on the Polish market. I love to visit European cities with my lovely wife. I am the father of a tiny miracle Emilia. Archery and air gun. I am open to unusual discipline if they are associated with the movement. Features for which the closest to me is common sense, faith and ethics - both in business and in private life. We are happy to discuss about society, religion, entrepreneurship, balance work / life and ... laziness.
Mariusz Siechowicz
I am a coach, certified by the ICC. I feel like an ambassador for the needs of clients and therefore I am building for several years, and I support others in the building, partner relationship with customers. For many years I worked in corporations such as ING, or Medicover coaching and dealing with customer service. I worked as a salesman, sales team coordinator, Senior customer service, trainer and coach internal specialist standards of customer service, sales manager. I've had a successful implementation of the draft standards of customer service and coaching in the biggest Polish companies. I have a certificate "Train the Trainers", so prepare coaches and trainers to support internal projects implemented. I worked on behalf of the Polish Government. I moved about 100 training under the campaign to support the implementation of the pension reform. I work actively in the non-profit organization. I am one of the founders of the branch of AIESEC, an Honorary Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Radom, a founding member of the Chamber of Coaching and Club Coach.
I love the mountains. Explores them in different ways: skiing, biking, gaining new heights. I like clear and ambitious goals, which is why I became a member of the Club Crown Winners of Polish Mountains. Cars. An amazing invention made hammock. Arouse strong emotions in me. My dream is to become a test driver. I like to laugh and spend a lot of time ago: I visit the places where I meet people who know that laughter is a serious matter. If you have a moment, I invite you to watch my favorite sketch cabaret . I love to spend time actively. Increasingly difficult to find me a sport that has not yet practiced. I'm fascinated by exploring interesting places, touching other cultures. I like getting lost in places that have a soul. And with the help of the camera to stop those moments in time. My core value is respect for others. I want you to be treated with respect, whenever you meet with the staff of customer service. It's my mission in life.
Arkadiusz Siechowicz
I am a graduate of law at Catholic University and postgraduate studies at LKAEM them. Kozminski in the field of Management in Human Beings in the Company. For over nine years I specialize in comprehensive supporting organizations and people working in them. I made a complex organizational change projects for various institutions such as the Mercedes-Benz Poland and Starostwo county in Bochnia. For nearly three years I worked in London, including the position Manager for the management and allocation of human potential in an international consulting and information technology. I was co-responsible, among others. for implementing the program of coaching across the organization, as well as coordinating the annual assessment interviews and bonus system. Also in the UK, I was a member of the team coordinating the biggest project of international recruitment in Europe, featured, among others. by the Financial Times and Personnel Today. I am a certified coach - training in this area, I had, among others, at Richmond upon Thames College in London, completing a certified course with coaching skills accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management. I am a member of the International Association of Coaches, and Toastmasters International. I also had the pleasure to be a finalist in the national competition Presentation Master, and to be twice awarded the title of 'Best Speaker' at Olympians Toastmaster Club in London. I dealt with the sale of products B2B in the Polish branch of one of the world's largest consulting - training. I specialize in projects in the field of leadership, at the same time I complete and I develop training projects Westhill companies in advanced areas of building relationships with clients and executive coaching. For 3 years I am lecturer at the School of Banking in Poznan, lecturing specialized items managerial (also MBA). I run a training and coaching in Polish and English. In the years 2010 - 2012 as an interim manager at DB SCHENKER, I carried the main area of activities outsourced company Westhill - managing the development of the company's employees.
passionate me all kinds of ideas, especially those that relate to improving the way we live. I love to watch an outstanding and unusual social activists, academics and entrepreneurs at TED.com. I admire people who dedicate themselves to a particular work for others, especially those most in need. He often organize people around the idea of joint action. In his spare time, which is still not enough, lead nights of talking, watching good movies, or spend wonderful moments with my daughter. 'm Interested in the culture, I had the pleasure of staying in 4 countries and work with representatives of 30 nationalities. Many of the knowledge contained manages to maintain.

Agata Rozbicka
for 10 years I have worked for industry training - research. I graduated in sociology at the University of Warsaw. I received a scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh in the U.S.. His professional career started at Millward Brown SMG KRC to a specialist for qualitative research. He carried out research projects for companies in the FMCG sector and the public sector. Training activities started implementing the strategies developed in the research as an external consultant. I completed a degree in psychology and coaching in the Gestalt Institute, School of Business Trainers INTRA and a number of dedicated training. Implemented several training projects: implementation of the standards of customer service, sales, managerial skills development, coaching, motivating and managing potential employees. I also have to account the implementation of HR systems, Development Center and workshops devoted to human resource management in the company. I run workshops and presentation communication skills. I treat every project as a new challenge and everyone really motivates me to work. Specific when I think about the specific development needs of the participants. I worked with the industries: financial, automotive, sports, IT, real estate development, furniture and FMCG. I have experience working in a large EU projects to 1.5 million budget. This year I start work as a lecturer at WSB in Chorzow.
12 years to climb and it is very much defines my world. I like mountains, nature, silence, and strong challenges ;) often setting off on long journeys, where most tourist industry does not reach. I have to his credit a number of interesting excursions. Last diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, trekking in 5000 above sea level in the Peruvian Cordillera, meeting with teachers of yoga in the Indian Himalayas. Always, over the years, accompanied me on this camera. Besides, I love the simple life - cooking good meals, reading books with daughters on the terrace, long drink coffee in the morning, welcoming visitors. I enjoy spending time with children, I like to write, I like to bury in the ground in the garden, I like .. sew :-) I like that about myself, I think it's probably just ... I really appreciate free time.