Word Highlighting overall

bentastic 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 0

Theres something no editor i used can do that and its quiet easy to integrate:

i m missing a function for checking words (variables etc.). When clicking a word in an open script, all identic words be highlighted. But only in this script. Now i m working on a grid. In group 1 i m working in htm, group 2 in php, group 3 in css and group 4 in js. I have a mistake. A variable is written wrong. But in which of the scripts? I must click the word in group 1, in group 2, in group 3 and in group 4. It was pretty better, when i click this keyword and it be highlighted in all groups by one click and will be highlighted in all of the active tabs in colums, rows or in the grid. One "click" for 4 scripts.

Thats a function to fall in love with.