Move cursor to beginning and end of line on Mac

Justin Stevens 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2

This is the default for Windows and Linux, but not on Mac. Please add the following to the default key bindings of Mac:

{ "keys": ["home"], "command": "move_to", "args": {"to": "bol", "extend": false} },

{ "keys": ["end"], "command": "move_to", "args": {"to": "eol", "extend": false} }


 -1: This is very unexpected behaviour on a Mac. The default shortcuts (cmd+← and cmd+→) work very well.

Ture. That's what I changed my keys to. However, my point is that this shortcut doesn't exist in a fresh install of Sublime Text 2 for a Mac. I'm asking for some form of a shortcut to be added. It could be the one you suggest or remain the same as Windows and Linux.