Provide previous/next navigation (based on history)

Kai Grossjohann 9 years ago updated by tomr 9 years ago 5
Idea: Whenever the cursor is moved "far", remember the position before that movement in a history and provide commands to navigate the history.

"Far" movements would comprise:
  • Selecting another file.
  • Every move that involves Goto: Command+P, Command+R, Ctrl+G.
  • Move by searching:
    • Find, Incremental Find
    • Find next
    • Selecting a find result from Find in Files with F4
  • Go to beginning / end of buffer.
"Remembering the position" means to record the current file, view and the current cursor position.
This missing feature is the only reason why I can't use ST right now.
Visual Studio and Eclipse have this.
Last time I searched for this, it was apparently not possible - at least now there seems to be a way.
But this plugin (as well as the one on which it is based) does not work. It looks like it only records the position of the selections, which is far from being useful.

Hmm, strange, because if I recall correctly, I've based my adaptation of this plugin (https://github.com/xeno-by/dotsublime/tree/master/Packages/MyNavigationHistory) on the link above.

Just tested my version now - works both for go to anything within a file and across files, for search, for go to errors. Don't treat it as bugless, rather than a proof of concept.

I also used to miss the navigation history functionality when started using Sublime after several years of Visual Studio. It's good that it's possible to build an approximation of it with a plugin. This is where Sublime shines, imho.

Yes, the fact that it is possible to do it with a plugin is very nice. I was actually considering giving a more in-depth look at your plugin to understand why it doesn't behave as what I expect. Thanks anyway