Christian Cucchi 9 years ago updated by Shen Fangyang 8 years ago 1

Sublime Text 2 is awesome - easily my favourite text editor. My only concern is that you will not make nearly enough conversions from your unlimited evaluation with your current pricing scheme. $60 will be considered by most as waaaay too high for a text editor, especially when there is no real incentive to buy. I would suggest lowering the regular price significantly (maybe as low as even $10-15. Just look at Steam's pricing for games - this is a price bracket that many people are comfortable with and Valve is now valued at something like $6bn) whilst keeping the $60 fee as a "developer licence". I don't think there would be many enterprise users that would opt for the cheaper license fee just to save money, and I think you'd get many more conversions from regular users if you adopted this model.

As I mentioned, I'm a genuine fan and my suggestions are only an attempt to make sure you reap the benefits of your hard work effectively.


Seems like they finally responded to your voice. They raised the price to $70. Congrats!