Contextual menu (OS X)

Thomas Falk 8 years ago updated by Barney Carroll 7 years ago 4
A OS X feature request: I would be happy to see the system wide contextual menu (especially the services menu) when right clicking in Sublime Text.


Mac OS X has already part of the customizability that Sublime Provides implemented system-wide through  the Services menu. It is easy for anybody (specially if you know one in a myriad of scripting languages) to create your own Service that manipulates text.

Sublime Text can already use these Services, but it is rather uncomfortable not getting them in the contextual menu as any other Cocoa app (and some non-Cocoa) does.


It's bordering on a usability bug, because the services contextual menu item was available since 10.7 or so, making it jarring for the sophisticated OS X user when she attempts to perform familiar system-wide actions, such as looking up the dictionary or opening a URL.

I would guess it's happening because Sublime relies on its own logic to build a contextual menu, not invoking the typical AppKit routines that result in the system-wide menu items always coming through.

If this is the case, the suggested fix / enhancement would be to add in Sublime's routine that builds the menu, consult the results of 

NSMenu* menu = [NSApp servicesMenu];

and add the services menu to the newly built menu.

It would be a very helpful update for us Mac users.

Seriously. I almost refuse to believe this is the case. 

Does anyone know if it would be possible to implement @sohocoke's suggestion as a package?

Bump. Usability falls through the floor without this. If an OS-level right-click menu is too difficult, what about all the same functionality in a menu within the Sublime GUI (like Cmd+P), bound to a keyboard shortcut?