Multiple open windows to the same file use the same edit window instance.

Mark Watson 11 years ago updated by Greg Anderson 10 years ago 2
Currently in the latest dev version of sublime if I have the same file open in multiple windows, edits to the same file are not synchronized across windows. This results in me saving a version in one window and then auto reloading it another will cause me to lose all the changes I made in the other window.

In emacs multiple open panes and views are always editing the same buffer so edits are automatically propagated across the views. It  would be really nice if Sublime text behaved in this way.
I almost see it as a "must have" for sublime text to be used professionally.
Didn't see this until I posted a similar issue:

I included a workaround for Linux that attempts to find and raise the existing window if you open the same file again from the command line.  Does not work when opening files from within Sublime, or for windows with multiple tabs, etc.