Allow Middle-Click to be captured by other apps

Stefan Wrobel 9 years ago updated by Adel Rahimi 6 years ago 4
I use Smart Scroll on my mac to enable middle-click-and-drag to scroll and it works in just about every app except Sublime. I think it's because Sublime is capturing middle-clicks and not allowing Smart Scroll to get to them. Is there a way to allow these to bubble up and be captured by helper apps like this?
I have the same Problem! I tried to bind smart scroll to Mouse-Button 5 and then deactivate the button5-command in "Default.sublime-mousemap" and now i get the grab-icon, but there is no scrolling possible... Any ideas?

Yes, this! I was looking into start using sublime text, and I really like it, but I use smart scroll on my mac with my wacom, and I can't really function well without this. Is there any variable I can turn off to disable the capturing of the middle-click?

I have the same problem. when I try to use middle mouse in Chrome and other Windows applications Sublime text grabs it :(