Bug: Expand Tabs to Spaces clears bookmarks

Michael Butler 9 years ago updated by Jose S Pacheco 8 years ago 2
To reproduce:
Create bookmarks on various lines in the file.  
Now choose "Convert indentation to Spaces" -- even if your file does not have a single tab character in it. Alternately, run the expand_tabs command. 
Expected result: beginning tabs are replaced with (i.e. 4) spaces and bookmarks are preserved at their positions.
Actual Result in Sublime Text 2.0.1 Build 2217: Tabs are converted to spaces if present, but all bookmarks are removed and a single new bookmark appears as at the very last line of the file. This happens even if no characters were modified in the file. 
I was running this command as a plugin listening on every file save but then realized I can't use bookmarks if I did this. Does anyone have a regular expression work around that I can use in a plugin on_pre_save to prevent the bookmarks from being affected?
Lol same here. Did you ever find a work around?