Hide horizontal scrollbar when map is displayed

Tomas Sardyha 10 years ago updated by hced 8 years ago 8
As the map is doing the same thing, it is useless to have the scrollbar there as well.
Bad idea since new users would be confused by it.
Default "hide_hscrollbar": false option would solve that.
+1 for the ability to have settings to hide/show the scrollbars - minimap + hide scrollbar was my preferred setup for sublime 1 on windows, and i'd love to be able to duplicate that on linux.
DAMN! It should be vertical, not horizontal... :x
I would love to see a configuration setting to hide the scrollbar also.

My first impression was the same, with the minimap scrollable the scrollbar is just redundant and wastes pixel space.  Even with out the minimap though it is a very common setting in most text editors as keyboard short cut users often just use page up/down or other shortcuts etc. So being able to gain more pixels for doing 2-up document viewing etc is nice.
There is an existing setting that mostly addresses this.  If you set the following in your user global settings file,

    "overlay_scroll_bars": "enabled"

Technically it doesn't remove the scrollbar, but the overlay doesn't take up any additional pixel space.  Which is all I care about.

Mini Map is redundant if you can't remove the OS(X) built-in scrollbar when scrolling vertically...

"overlay_scroll_bars": true doesn't fix this (OS X Mountain Lion). I have a faint memory that it worked in previous OS'es, no?