Multiple font families

Matteo Capobianco 11 years ago updated by yf z (追随) 5 years ago 7
It would be nice to have the possibility to set multiple fonts in the User File Preferences, so that if I copy my settings to another machine and that machine doesn't have that font, ST2 tries to use the other fonts I set.
Similar to the way CSS fonts work.
Actually now I see that there are some per-platform default preferences files ('Base File (Linux).sublime-settings' and 'Base File (OSX).sublime-settings') and they carry mainly font settings.
Maybe there will be the possibility to access them from the menus (I'm on OSX now and I can't seem to find them).
Yes but there is a problem with the platform settings. They are only read from the `Defaults` folder and not from the `User` folder (http://www.sublimetext.com/docs/2/settings.html).

I use a vcs to sync my settings between a Mac a Win system and my Linux notebook and unfortunately the same font is displayed differently on all systems. 
Oh, it's not really needs. If you are using it or different machines, make a configs for each other, like in other editors or IDEs.
Actually I'm using the same files for both machines, they are sync'ed with the help of the mighty Dropbox (see this for reference ==> http://userecho.com/FFB8 )
Better to use machine-specific settings. You can write a plugin, which will use special rules.

I need this feature because of a different case that you guys probably won't come up with:

We Chinese developers would like to set font faces for Latin and Chinese characters separately (because Latin glyphs which come along with Chinese fonts are usually very ugly). It would be useful if ST2 provides CSS-like font family settings so we can benefit from the font fallback mechanism.


I need this feature because I use Chinese, so I need two font-face to show English and Chinese font.