File Clone opens the new tab with the minimap open even when minimap is set to hidden

Daniel Azuma 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 1
Build 2036 on Mac OS X.

* Turn minimap off (View -> Hide Minimap)
* Open a file. The tab opens correctly with no Minimap.
* File -> Clone. The new tab opens with a Minimap. The minimap state (according to the menu bar) is still off.

Interestingly, this even seems to happen when using Goto File or Goto Anything to open the buffer a second time. While the Goto dialog is up, and the file previews are appearing behind it, whenever a buffer that is already open is previewed, the minimap appears, and whenever a buffer that is not already open is being previewed, the minimap is not present.
I can confirm that this is fixed in build 2039. Thanks!