Coloring of Open file tab's

Morten Lindstrom 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2

when having several files open and moving around them, it can be useful to instantly be able to right-click the Tab and give it a color (from 4-5 different),

and just as easy be able to change this color.

No need to save the info for later, this can be done ad-hock when needed

I'll add maybe a brighter/darker color for active tab, but without the need to click the tab and give arbitrarly a color.

The whole idea about being able to instantly change color on the fileTab's - is to more easy see which file you are working on... ex - you have open 5 index.html files... all same name - and 2 from same project etc.... just as a way to keep them apart - or to know which one you work on...