Reindent leaves a few characters unselected

Zoran Simic 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 0
Select a few full lines and press TAB to reident them: if you are in a mode (python for example) where identation is 2 space characters, you'll notice that every time you reident, ST2 leaves 2 space characters on the first selected line unselected. This is a problem, reident should select fully all lines involved in the reident. A very common scenario when reidenting is:

- select a few lines
- hit TAB to reident (in order to move it to another location with a different ident level)
- cut and paste to the new location

Because ST2 leaves the few characters unselected as mentioned above, the cut and paste is missing these few characters, and now you have to go back and reident again that first line...

When reidenting, ST2 should really fully select all lines involved (even if those lines were only partially selected), that's the best thing to do when reidenting