Portage ebuild

Marcus Downing 10 years ago updated by Oscar Campos 9 years ago 2
The correct way to install applications on Gentoo is with its package manager, Portage. It would be nice to have an 'ebuild' available with which to install Sublime Text on Gentoo.
It would be nice, but I assume, distrib users shoud care about such thing. I would write it, if i could (I also use Gentoo). For now, there is overlay, that has this package and it's up-to-date, as far as I can tell. And if I remember correctly, overlays are also correct way to do so. Here it is:  http://gpo.zugaina.org/app-editors/sublime-text/Dep

You can use https://github.com/DamnWidget/sublime-text that is pretty updated and is based on Slots for ST2 and ST3 with an eselect plugin to choose which version to use in any moment