User preferences file read only?? Also what are the available color schemes?

Stephen Boesch 9 years ago updated by robertcollier4 9 years ago 2

I hit Preferences | User  and the file is read-only.  What??

The default colors make comments nearly impossible to read (dark grey on black ??)

So i need a list of available color schemes to be able to change it.



Something is not right here and the first part of it is your incomplete description of the problem.

What OS are you working in?

Give the exact path you are following (Preferences (makes sense) -> User (that makes no sense - do you mean 'Settings - User'? - or something else)

How are you logged in?



Something else?

What is happening that makes you believe whatever file is you are opening is read-only?

What dialogs or messages are you seeing?

Unless you can describe what is happening it is very hard to help you.

There is a good list of color schemes that you can browse through here: