Let Goto Anything take focus from Find, replace

Scott Bowers 9 years ago updated by Lorenzo Pisani 9 years ago 2

Currently, it is impossible to open any Goto menu while the find feature has focus. To my knowledge, the control key serves no function while the find pane has focus.  Pressing Control-P, etc should open the Goto bar, but does nothing instead.

Conversely, you can open the find bar while Goto is open, but it leaves the Goto bar open. 

Additionally, using a Goto-specific shortcut will close a current Goto bar, rather than switching to the Goto-specific variation.

I recommend that any opening any Goto, Find or Replace bar would first close any existing Goto, Find/replace bar. Much like the Replace bar closes Find and opens Replace and vice-versa.

Additionally, I recommend that the shortcut commands that open a searching feature (goto, find, replace, etc) not be used to close the feature.  Sometimes collisions between using multiple search features put you in a state where you think you're doing a Find, but you've actually just closed find and are now typing your search into the file you're editing, etc.  Escape is a good universal way of exiting a pane.

I second everything in this topic. I often find myself accidentally typing in the wrong text input because Cmd+F (and friends) act like toggles.