configure number of lines to scroll with mousewheel

abc 10 years ago updated by André Caetano 8 years ago 2

I'd appreciate a config option to increase the number of lines that are scrolled when scrolling with the mousewheel.

I suspect that this is an OS related value, however Ubuntu hasn't implemented an easy way to adjust the number of lines the scroll wheel scrolls and it's currently stuck at 3 lines. This causes scrolling with the mousewheel in large files to be rather slow and often futile.

(a dynamic scroll distance based on speed of the mouse scroll would be even cooler, maybe OS X already has this?)

(extra brainstorm idea: have Supreme Commander-like zooming for navigating code instead of scrolling. I'm not sure how well this would work but it potentially could be very useful and slick, see: http://www.toomuchzerging.com/2011/02/mechanic-monday-supreme-commanders-strategic-zoom/)


I've just discovered *.sublime-mousemap and I can do the following:

{ "button": "scroll_down", "modifiers": ["ctrl"], "command": "scroll_lines", "args": {"amount": -20.0 }, "press_command": "" },
{ "button": "scroll_up", "modifiers": ["ctrl"], "command": "scroll_lines", "args": {"amount": 20.0 }, "press_command": "" }

It doesn't seem to work without using a modifier, but this is probably good enough...!


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