Create an 'apt-get' Repository for Sublime 3, etc..

Mike Vastola 8 years ago 0

With the advent of Sublime 3 beta, I notice that -- in terms of Linux support -- new developments include not only the fact that .deb packages (geared for Ubuntu) are provided with each release, but also that these .deb packages are now apparently the primary way to get Sublime onto your Linux machine (with the tarballs now becoming closer to an afterthought). To be clear, I think this is well-warranted giving the explosive popularity Ubuntu has seen for years now. 

What I would love to see though, which should be relatively effortless now that this is in place, is an apt repository with these packages to be made available so that I can set my machine to auto-update.

While it's great that you send out alerts on Twitter when new releases happen, it's frankly a bit annoying that unless you're an avid Tweeter, the only way to make sure you get them is to set up @sublimehq's tweets to go to your cell, and most people don't primarily use sublime on their cell phones. (There are also tweets to sort through that aren't release notifications that are bothersome if that's all you want.)

It would be additionally awesome if, as a part of the .deb package install (so that this happens when you install it the first time manually from the site) -- perhaps following a prompt if some people don't desire this -- an /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sublime.list file were created, pointing to this repository (and its key were added to the keyring) so that updates would be automatically/effortlessly turned on.



PS: I'm aware that http://sublimetext.userecho.com/topic/99929-add-sublime-text-2-to-the-ubuntu-repositories/ exists, but I thought this new post was warranted because a) I'm requesting it for a different version, b) I don't mind if Sublime runs it's own repo as long as my software can auto-update and c) only with v3 does Sublime even seem to be available as a .deb pkg.