Numeric keypad's enter key does not work

codex 11 years ago updated by Bob Rosset 9 years ago 3
On my Mac, Control-G <number> <numeric keypad enter> does not work, but <normal enter> does.  I presume this deficiency exists for other types of input, too.

The numeric keypad's enter also behaves very strangely in the find box. Try Ctrl+F, enter a term, then search for the next occurrence using the numeric keypad's enter. It will enter a newline in the search box.

It took me a minute to find out what happened (a newline) and how to fix it (Ctrl+A, Delete). It took me two months to find out why sometimes I could go to the next result with Enter, and sometimes Enter would throw me in this mysterious state. Only today I realized I was not pressing the normal Enter.

(Still, thanks a bunch for making this great editor! It's worth the money, even with this bug.)


I was able to fix the issue with the number pad's enter key just inserting a newline in the find box by adding this to the user-defined key bindings:

{ "keys": ["keypad_enter"], "command": "find_next", "context":

[{"key": "panel", "operand": "find"}, {"key": "panel_has_focus"}]


Akaspar! nice work mate!

Now I need to re-enable the toggle comments, but the Sublime Text forum seems to be on maintenance. So I'm stuck. Any clue?