Easier Update system or Auto Update Sublime

Martin Spierings 7 years ago 0
The last post about (auto) updates for Sublime is already 2 years old, so i thought about starting a new idea-post about it.
A lot of people might know from other programs that it's important to stay updated. Not only for using new features, but also for the bugs or problems you might face in older versions of Sublime. Now of course updates might give problems too so i feel that there should be a setting to disable this, but wouldn't it be great if you could update sublime automaticly? Or by the click of a button after it told that there was an update? Currently i feel that i'm missing a lot as i don't know if there is an update. Of course i could go to the site or check the Twitter to see for updates but that feels sluggish and i don't feel like spending a lot of time looking for updates.

Also people might know this from their smartphones (Android, iOS and Windows Phone make it easy to update your apps), Operating systems (OSX and Windows have Auto Update) or apps (Newsleecher features a notification, Skype has auto-update after you start up the app, and so on).

Of course the setting should be optional (or give notification if it might break something) but this will make people use the newest versions (so supporting old versions is a thing of the past) and give customers a greater satisfaction in knowing that they paid for a product that is being activly developed on.