Reorder filename components in window title

Greg Anderson 9 years ago updated by Pawan Yadav 7 years ago 1
Currenlty, Sublime sets the Window title like so:

~/my/very/long/path/filename.ext - Sublime Text 2 (UNREGISTERED)

This ordering makes it very difficult to find the file you want in a window list or taskbar. Many programs order the components of the window title with the filename first, like so:

filename.ext - ~/my/very/long/path

Or, in the case of Sublime:

filename.ext - ~/my/very/long/path - Sublime Text 2 (UNREGISTERED)

This would make it much easier to scan window lists and taskbar buttons.  I'm definitely going to be registering Sublime shortly, which will make my window titles a little shorter, but having the filename first would be a huge win.

Well, you can use Long Path Tool for such problems, it works good.