Gui editor for snippets

n00ge 11 years ago updated by Vladimir Prudnikov 8 years ago 7
Having a quick easy way to add/edit snippets would be very handy.
umm, you can't just copy paste? I have no problems editing the snippets inside of sublime. I got it, we will just make a brand new editor just for the snippets! =/ end troll
It can be added via plugin or separated tool. -1
It also good to get this inside of ST2, but now it not needed.
I wouldn't consider this a priority either. It also wouldn't be a brand new editor. I think it would just be a way to view the language packages in the project navigator with add/edit/remove snippet functionality. Editing would load the snippet in the normal editing window with some extra fields along the bottom of the editor window in the same style as the find/replace fields to define the tab triggers and scope settings.

Again, this isn't a priority but would be very helpful in getting newer users familiar with snippets and more comfortable with the syntax. Textmate, InType, and E-TextEditor all have this functionality.
How can i escape the char "<" on creating snippets to sublime text 2 ?

my tabTrigger is: <

look at the file
<% ${1:let's rock} %>

But a got error while saving the snippet. Any ideas?

-1.  I know my opinion is just one of thousands, but I feel like this goes against everything I like about Sublime -_-.


+1 Agree. A visual editor would be very nice. Those purist geeks who disagree, should go away make love to your terminal. It's a positive selling point for Sublime, to make it easy for newcomers.

Hey guys, check out Snippets with Distributor for Sublime Text. It could work as an external editor of you code snippets in ST but snippets are available in other editors as well, it supports sync and many other features.  Here is a demo with TextMate but it works exactly the same way with Sublime Text.