Make Goto Anything work when you're in the text field for find

Tim Haines 9 years ago updated by Sakae Marcus 9 years ago 6
When you're in the find box (Command-F), it would be nice if the shortcut key for 'Goto Anything' (Command P) still worked.
Yes, this looks like a bug to me. Very annoying!
More generically, all keyboard shortcuts should still work when a find dialog is open.   I hate modal keyboard shortcuts.  Make them global.
The work process in sublime is so depending on the search and the goto-anything. It may sound like a small thing, that the ctrl-p doesn't work when the search bar is open. But it happens so often, and it really kills the flow in what you are doing!

This one is important!
This has been fixed in dev build 2170. Oh glorious day!