BUG: GDI handle leak

Alex 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 8

Tested with:

Build 2181 both 32- and 64bit versions on Windows 7 x64.

Whenever the auto-complete popup opens (either automatically or manually invoked by hitting Ctrl-Space), it leaks exactly 6 GDI handles which are never returned. This can be verified with either task manager or Windows process explorer.

It's not a major thing, but may affect users who tend to use the editor for very long sessions. Leaking GDI objects usually means to leak memory as a side effect.

To verify that it is not caused by a plugin, I re-tested it with a completely fresh, secondary installation, using the portable package and the behavior did not go away.

Why was this down-voted? I'm seeing the same issue in Build 2195.

Dunno why it was down-voted, it surprised me as well :) Probably by someone who doesn't understand the importance of the issue.

It should be addressed, because it can quickly lead to sublime consuming 3+k of GDI handles (after just one hour of using it) and this is a very bad thing.
I frequently see 6-7k (sitting at 6,177 right now), before I ultimately close and reopen it. I only really noticed when it crashed once from an overflow.
Yeah, it's worse than I thought when I was posting the issue. With auto-complete enabled, handle count can grow insanely fast because of the leaks.

I do not (yet) have access to the newer nightly builds but consider a fix for this issue important before making a purchase decision - I really *want* to get this thing, because except for this bug, st2 is a truly amazing piece of software.

So can anybody test this with a newer build and check whether the issue is still present?
This appears to be resolved as of Build 2200.
Where can I download it? I only see 2199
Thanks for clarifying it.