Dominion Group International: How to Avoid Getting Ripped-Off in Tokyo Restaurants

elisha kim 3 years ago 0

Japan is one of the countries with a low crime rate. Although a lot of Japanese that are kind-hearted and honest, there’s still some who have bad motives when it comes to business.

Get to experience the modern technology fused with Japan’s history and culture in Tokyo. It is the capital of Japan wherein you can find a lot of establishments from day and night. It is a must-see place when you’re visiting the country. A lot of shops and restaurants can be found in the area. However, people still need to have an attentive eye because fraudsters may be lurking for their next target.

Japan is proud to have a delectable cuisine. You can try out different restaurants in Tokyo but keep an eye out because you may fall for a Tokyo restaurant scam.

Ways to avoid restaurant scam

Most locals and a lot of tourists prefer to dine at a restaurant than cook their own meals. It is convenient compared to cooking your own food at home. Nowadays, restaurants are also used as a part of a fraud activity.

You can opt for an affordable eating place or go to a luxurious restaurant to have your meal. Even if there are a lot of selections, it is suggested to wary of the restaurants you choose when it comes to your food. You may probably fall for a restaurant scam if you notice these signs:

  • If a wait staff usher you quickly in the restaurant without even saying yes.
  • If you end up not feeling right about the menu or wait staff, don’t be afraid to get up and leave if you’ve been brought into a restaurant.
  • The pictures on the menu don’t match what you ordered. Most of the time, the picture shows what they will serve. There you’ll see how many pieces or how big is the serving size of the food you ordered.
  • The taste of the foods you order is tasteless. The restaurant may have used low-quality ingredients or haven’t properly prepared your food.
  • Check if the staff treats the Japanese customers and foreigners differently.
  • Review the prices on the menu and the items on your bill to know if they give you the right bill. There’s a chance that they add items you didn’t even order. Get a hold of the menu to calculate how much you spent. If there are discrepancies in the total bill, try to contest the cost.
  • To take note of the prices, you can ask about taxes and extra fees. If it doesn’t match the bill and you noticed triple or quadruple the cost, you probably you got scammed.
  • Always ask for an official receipt. If they don’t hand you one, there’s a big risk that they overpriced your bill.


The law of Japan states that the menu prices should include taxes and other charges. This Japanese law is created to avoid fraud and false pricing. It is also a way against misrepresentation. If you have an odd feeling about the place, the best thing to do is to avoid or leave the restaurant before you order anything.