keep track of recently modified/saved files

David H. vor 7 Jahren 0
It would be awesome if there's a way to keep track of list of modified files in a project.
There should be a way to clear the list as well.  So basically, this is very similar to the "Open Recent" menu, which keeps track of recently closed files but rather for modified/saved files.

Here's a use case for it.

I'm a single developer working on various website projects and I don't want to use any version control tool (only because either i don't want to pay for it or it's too resource intensive to run it on my laptop that I'm using to do development work).
After publishing the project in Production server, I'm constantly working on incremental enhancements to the website.  The changes for one enhancement may include css files, js file, view files, controller files, and config files that are all over different directories in my project.
I don't want to upload all files again or rely on ftp auto-sync feature but rather upload only the changed/saved files manually myself.

If this feature is available in sublime text then I would simply review the list of files that have been modified/saved and upload them to the server and clear the list before starting the next enhancement change. (I guess this list should include new files as well, so maybe the file name should be added whenever Save function is used)

What do you think? :)